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PROF. DR. ALY H. ELGHATIT: born Cairo; admitted, 1961, Egypt.

Education : Cairo University (LLB., 1961; LL.M., 1964); University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall (LLM. & Juris Doctor, 1972). At Berkeley, he taught Comparative Law, Conflict of Laws, and Comparative Jurisprudence with Professors Albert EHRENZWIEG, Stan RIESENFIELD and Richard BUXBAUM; being also a specialist of Transnational and Comparative Economic Law. International Arbitrator/Counsel. Professor of Transnational and Comparative Economic Law and Private International Law, Cairo University Law School, and at l’Institut de Droit des Affaires, and Sollicitor. Barrister of the Egyptian Supreme Courts, 1976. Vice-President, Union Internationale des Avocats (Paris), 2000-2002. Vice-President, Egyptian Society of International Law (Cairo). Member, Board of Directors, International Commission of Arbitration, (Paris). Co-Editor, Arbitration Quarterly, (Milan & Cairo). Member of the Board of Directors International Academy of Trial Lawyers. Member of Egypt’s Presidential Advisory Councils, Director on the Board of Engineering Industries Holding Co., 1996. Special Consultant to the Egyptian Parliament on Economic and Fiscal Legislation, 1977-1981. Rapporteur for the Companies Act of 1981, Rapporteur for the Tax Law of 1981. International and U.S. Counsel, IBM, (New York) and IBM Europe, (Paris), 1972-1977. Editor, International Contract Manual, Federal Publication, Inc., 1983 (New York). Comparative Law Specialist, University of California at Berkeley, 1969-1972. Senior Deputy Attorney General, Cairo 1967-1968. Member : The Association of the Bar of the City of New York; British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London); The Institute of International Business Law and Practice (Paris); Egyptian Society of Economics and Legislation (Cairo); International Law Association (London); American Society of International Law; American Society for the study of Comparative Law (Berkeley); International Bar Association, (London); Formerly Member, Standing Committee on Arab Countries to IBA Business Law Section; Arab Countries Regional Representative to IBA Committee on International Construction Law. LANGUAGES: Arabic, English and French.

Mohammad ELGHATIT: admitted, 2003 Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LLB., 2003); National University of Singapore (LL.M., Chinese Comparative Investment and Trade Law, 2005). Former District Attorney, Southern Cairo Court. Languages: Arabic and English.

Hassan QOTB: admitted, 1990 Egypt. Education: AinShams University. Languages: Arabic.

Sayed FATHI: admitted, 1996 Egypt. Education: Ain Shams University. Languages: Arabic.

MOHAMMAD DAWOU: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1942, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1942). Former Egypt’s Solicitor General. LANGUAGES: Arabic and French.

IBRAHIM M. EL KADY: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1959, Egypt. Education: Faculté de Droit, Paris, France (Licencié en Droit, 1951) ; Cairo University (LL.M, 1958-1959) Private and Public Law. Member: Egyptian Society of International Law (Cairo); Egyptian Society of Economics and Legislation (Cairo). Legal Adviser, Civil Aviation Ministry, 1951-1975. LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English.

AHMED SHAKER: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1956, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1956; LL.M., 1961). Legal Adviser, 1956-1968 and Member of the State Council, 1958-1964. Former Vice Chairman The Land Bank of Egypt. LANGUAGES: Arabic and English.

SHAHINAZ ROSTOM: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1964, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1964). Legal Adviser, General Organization for Social Securities, 1964-1978. LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English.

LAMYAA ALY ELGHATIT: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1988, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1988). LANGUAGES: Arabic, English and French.

MOHAMMAD IBRAHIM ABAZA: born Paris, France; admitted, 2000, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1991). LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English.

SOLIMAN FOUAD HADDAD: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1997, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1994). LANGUAGES: Arabic.

NOHA KHALED EL SAKKA: born Guiza, Egypt; admitted, 2002, Egypt. Education: Cairo University/Sorbonne Paris I (LL.B., 1999; Maîtrise, 2001) Droit International des Affaires. LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English.