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PROF. DR. ALY H. ELGHATIT: born Cairo; admitted, 1961, Egypt.

Education : Cairo University (LLB., 1961; LL.M., 1964); University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall (LLM. & Juris Doctor, 1972). At Berkeley, he taught Comparative Law, Conflict of Laws, and Comparative Jurisprudence with Professors Albert EHRENZWIEG, Stan RIESENFIELD and Richard BUXBAUM; being also a specialist of Transnational and Comparative Economic Law. International Arbitrator/Counsel. Professor of Transnational and Comparative Economic Law and Private International Law, Cairo University Law School, and at l�Institut de Droit des Affaires, and Sollicitor. Barrister of the Egyptian Supreme Courts, 1976. Vice-President, Union Internationale des Avocats (Paris), 2000-2002. Vice-President, Egyptian Society of International Law (Cairo). Member, Board of Directors, International Commission of Arbitration, (Paris). Co-Editor, Arbitration Quarterly, (Milan & Cairo). Member of the Board of Directors International Academy of Trial Lawyers. Member of Egypt�s Presidential Advisory Councils, Director on the Board of Engineering Industries Holding Co., 1996. Special Consultant to the Egyptian Parliament on Economic and Fiscal Legislation, 1977-1981. Rapporteur for the Companies Act of 1981, Rapporteur for the Tax Law of 1981. International and U.S. Counsel, IBM, (New York) and IBM Europe, (Paris), 1972-1977. Editor, International Contract Manual, Federal Publication, Inc., 1983 (New York). Comparative Law Specialist, University of California at Berkeley, 1969-1972. Senior Deputy Attorney General, Cairo 1967-1968. Member : The Association of the Bar of the City of New York; British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London); The Institute of International Business Law and Practice (Paris); Egyptian Society of Economics and Legislation (Cairo); International Law Association (London); American Society of International Law; American Society for the study of Comparative Law (Berkeley); International Bar Association, (London); Formerly Member, Standing Committee on Arab Countries to IBA Business Law Section; Arab Countries Regional Representative to IBA Committee on International Construction Law. LANGUAGES: Arabic, English and French.

Mohammad ELGHATIT: admitted, 2003 Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LLB., 2003); National University of Singapore (LL.M., Chinese Comparative Investment and Trade Law, 2005). Former District Attorney, Southern Cairo Court. Languages: Arabic and English.

Hassan QOTB: admitted, 1990 Egypt. Education: AinShams University. Languages: Arabic.

Sayed FATHI: admitted, 1996 Egypt. Education: Ain Shams University. Languages: Arabic.

MOHAMMAD DAWOU: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1942, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1942). Former Egypt�s Solicitor General. LANGUAGES: Arabic and French.

IBRAHIM M. EL KADY: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1959, Egypt. Education: Facult� de Droit, Paris, France (Licenci� en Droit, 1951) ; Cairo University (LL.M, 1958-1959) Private and Public Law. Member: Egyptian Society of International Law (Cairo); Egyptian Society of Economics and Legislation (Cairo). Legal Adviser, Civil Aviation Ministry, 1951-1975. LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English.

AHMED SHAKER: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1956, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1956; LL.M., 1961). Legal Adviser, 1956-1968 and Member of the State Council, 1958-1964. Former Vice Chairman The Land Bank of Egypt. LANGUAGES: Arabic and English.

SHAHINAZ ROSTOM: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1964, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1964). Legal Adviser, General Organization for Social Securities, 1964-1978. LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English.

LAMYAA ALY ELGHATIT: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1988, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1988). LANGUAGES: Arabic, English and French.

MOHAMMAD IBRAHIM ABAZA: born Paris, France; admitted, 2000, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1991). LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English.

SOLIMAN FOUAD HADDAD: born Cairo, Egypt; admitted, 1997, Egypt. Education: Cairo University (LL.B., 1994). LANGUAGES: Arabic.

NOHA KHALED EL SAKKA: born Guiza, Egypt; admitted, 2002, Egypt. Education: Cairo University/Sorbonne Paris I (LL.B., 1999; Ma�trise, 2001) Droit International des Affaires. LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English.