We at ELGHATIT LAW FIRM always bear in mind that each matter entrusted to us is of vital importance not only to the client but also to the Firm.

Our approach is based on teamwork. We aim to offer full availability and coverage based on in-depth knowledge of the individual  characteristics and needs of each client, of their aims, and of the structure and nature of each matter.

An approach centered on preventive advice, tailored and adapted to the client�s specific needs.

An approach based on comprehensive advice, which takes into account all areas of economic, business as well as legal specialties which could affect the outcome of a problem or a case.

Legal problems rarely come neatly packaged. Major transactions often call for advice in depth on many different areas of law. We structure teams of lawyers with different legal expertise to solve these problems. A lead partner manages and co-ordinates the team, remaining involved throughout.
Of course, not all assignments require team strategy. If a single lawyer is all that is required, that is all that is provided.

An approach in short, which allows the vital relationship of confidence and trust between client and lawyer to develop fully, with a view to achieving the desired objective.


We aim to find the best of legal solutions.

We provide a full range of legal services, including advanced legal planning, to our clients in all sectors of industry, commerce and government. In every case, we aim to understand how our clients� businesses run, identify and address potential problems, so that we may best help our clients reach their goals.

As an international law firm, we deploy the best legal talents. They are experts in their legal specialties. They also possess sound commercial judgment, creativity and mental agility.


We see ourselves as a professional advisory team supplying the legal requirements of business and commerce to the highest standards.

Our objective is to reconcile the legal framework with the commercial requirements of a transaction so that our clients� needs can be achieved in the most effective way.

Our organization enables us to provide appropriate professional skills, which are integrated as required to handle any particular transaction regardless of size and complexity.

While offering the full facilities of a large law firm, we emphasize personal contact, particularly at partner level.